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Even though our firm is a solo law practice, there are many people associated with it. Our Legal Assistant, Jan Ballatore, is the other major contributor, and we could not maintain the practice as it is without her. Jan has been our office manager, assistant, and many other positions since she started with us in 2001. Besides serving as Legal Assistant, Jan communicates as needed with clients, especially when Cary is tied up in Court or otherwise unavailable. You can trust Jan to take care of matters properly and professionally.

In addition to Jan, other attorneys share our suite and the suite immediately next door. We collaborate on files as necessary that prove to be beneficial to our clients. Jerome G. McSherry and Sheila F. Polcyn work with me on many matters. Kathryn E. Ritter does most of our formal Probate accountings. We also have other individuals who work with us on a part-time or limited basis. You may hear from one or more of them from time to time. We aim as much as possible to delegate those parts of a case that can be delegated to attorneys or individuals who can handle those tasks at a lower cost, more quickly, or more effectively because of their additional ability in the work that we assign to them.

Finally, no attorney can competently handle matters in all areas of legal practice. We know many other attorneys to whom we readily refer clients in connection with matters that we cannot or choose not to handle ourselves. We have confidence in those attorneys, both as to their qualifications and their dealings with clients, including fee arrangements. It can be bewildering for an individual who does not already have connections in the legal system to find an appropriate attorney to handle a particular matter. We can assist in that process.

We hope that you will make use of the many services that we can provide in dealing with your legal needs.